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GO2 International Provides state of the art chlorine dioxide generation without the use of generators or equipment.

GO2 is an EPA approved

  • Disinfectant
  • Sanitizer
  • Fungicide
  • Algaecide
  • Slimicide
  • Biocide
  • Deodorizer

GO2 possesses a safe chemistry, is easy to use, and offers maximum disinfection power at competitive end user costs.

ServicesIndustry Solutions

GO2 can be used in many industry applications. Industries served:


Livestock Applications For GO2

Dairy-Drop hoses, hard surface sanitation, calf pens, drinking water, biofilm removal
hatcheries-drinking water, hard surface sanitation, biofilm removal swine-disinfection of PRRS and PEDV, drinking water hard surface sanitation, biofilm removal


General disinfectant, sanitizer, algaecide, fungicide, hard surface sanitation, Biofilm eradication



Food Processing

Hard surface sanitation, Clean in Place systems, potable water systems, Wastewater treatment, Biofilm eradication

Cooling Towers

Control of bacterial slime and algae, mollusk control, microorganism control


Benefits of GO2

  • Non-Corrosive to equipment and infrastructure
  • Complete biofilm removal and control
  • 260% the oxidizing power of chlorine
  • Safe to use, transport and store due to packaging and generation method
  • Powerful broad spectrum oxidizing biocide.  Antimicrobial activity against mold, bacteria, spores and virus strains.
  • Cost effective

Our Credentials

GO2 is the manufacturer of GO2 chlorine dioxide, a unique and safe two component chlorine dioxide system. Located in Buena Park, CA in a 30,000 square foot EPA registered facility, we are able to provide great customer service, on time production and cost effective products for valued customers.

  • U.S. EPA Approved

    U.S. EPA approved

  • NSF Standard 60 Approval

    NSF Standard 60 approval

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