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GO2TM is effective in the remediation of bacterial and sulfide contamination commonly found in oilfield production, injection and disposal fluids. Sulfides (S=) are formed by the metabolism of anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria found in oil well water handling systems. These sulfides react with iron to form insoluble iron sulfide, which together with the bacterial slime act as plugging agents. The sulfides can also result in sour crude oil which is of lower quality and more expensive to refine.


GO2TM is used for two purposes in this application: 1. As a chemical oxidant to oxidize the sulfides to sulfates, thus preventing the formation of colloidal sulfur or iron sulfide which can plug the well 2. As a biocide to kill the bacteria which produce the sulfides. Performance of GO2TM is unaffected by pH or by the presence of other organic materials.

Dosage Requirements

The required dosages will vary with process conditions. The application of GO2TM may be applied continuously or intermittently to oil production water as it is separated from the oil, and before it is re-injected into the well. For continuous feed GO2TM may be applied at the dosage slightly higher than sulfide's oxidative demand as determined by a demand study. For intermittent treatment GO2TM should be applied at a shock dosage of 200-3000 ppm.

Method Of Dosing

GO2TM should be fed where adequate mixing and uniform distribution can be accomplished. Multiple treatment points may be required in some cases. The feed point should be below the water level to prevent volatilization of GO2TM.

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