Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits are immersed with water containing GO2TM 4,000 ppm solution during the washing stage.

Aim of reduction

  • Geotrichum Candidum Sour Rot Spores
  • Penicillum Digitatum blue mold
  • Green mold

Process Description

  • Dosage rate of 1-2ppm GO2TM solution to the re-circulated wash water (that also goes to the shower bin) to ensure a residual of 0.035ppm GO2TM solution
  • Dosage controlled via Redox as wash water is very dirty
  • Wash water temperature 68°F (20°C), pH 8

Required equipment

  • GO2TM solution storage tank
  • Contact water meter or by DPD measurement
  • Dosage pump (Acid resistant, equal to Prominent B-Line)
  • To ensure the residual of 0.35ppm the use of a redox meter is strongly advised in combination with dosing equipment (dosage pump, contact water meter, two PE???HD black storage tanks and an injection point). Contact time is key during the washing process.


  • Increased production yield with GO2TM solution (significantly less outturn compared to Nylate (bromine) or chlorine type treatment
  • No taste or odor problems with the citrus fruits
  • Shelf life of citrus fruit may increase threefold
  • GO2TM removes fungi: thus no longer need for a separate fungicide
  • Other standard advantages: no THM, no disinfection by-products, no environmental load when discharged, not corrosive impact on infrastucture, no building of resistance, kills all bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses etc. (which chlorine does not)


  • Using traditional technology, immersion tanks may release airborne spores and require an exhaust system. GO2TM eliminates any such problem.

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