An exciting new, simple,highly effective, green, unique,next-generation chemical technology for water, food and surface disinfection.


“Delivering superior sanitation without compromising the integrity or quality of the wine”

Cork Taint is a problem that affects between 5-10% of all wine produced worldwide. A “tainted” bottle is referred to as a bottle that has been effected by the presence of 2,4,6,-trichloroansole TCA or 2,3,4,6- tetrachloroanisole TeCA. Once present, both of these can rapidly spread airborne throughout the facility and be absorbed by many of the solid materials. For winemakers, preventing the growth of these species has become a top priority. Using chlorine in the sanitations and disinfecting of facilities and equipment has been linked to a majority of all TCA production. GO2 (Chlorine dioxide ClO2) does not negatively react with phenols to create TCA or TCP. Listed below are some of the advantages to implementing GO2 into the sanitation and disinfection of wine production facilities

  • GO2 delivers 260% more disinfection power than chlorine based products
  • GO2 has ten times more oxidizing power then chlorine based products.
  • GO2 does not produce and Disinfection Byproducts (DBP’s) or chlorinate any organic materials and eliminates THM’s HAA’s, MX, chloramines, bromides and bromines
  • GO2 does not allow any build up or microorganisms.
  • Delivers a 100% kill of all waterborne microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoan, fungi, algae, mold, and spores.
  • Does not lead to the production of TCA or TeCA.
  • Product is odorless and tasteless and does not negatively affect the integrity of the taste of the wine.
  • Chlorine Dioxide off gassing will also kill most airborne micro-organisms such as mold, algae and spores.


GO2 is a new product that produces 95+% pure Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) at high yields without the use of expensive equipment, dangerous chemicals or extensive operator training.

GO2 uses 2 simple powders that are mixed together in a measured amount of water to produce a 4,000 ppm Chlorine Dioxide Concentrate that is stable with a half life of 30 days when properly stored. The powders themselves have a 5 year shelf life when kept in their sealed containers.

GO2 is EPA approved disinfectant for clean-in-place (CIP) applications for potable water systems such as beverage preparation, storage, transfer and dispensing.

GO2 is a superior oxidizing agent to chlorine based chemicals yet is noncorrosive to the infrastructure of water distribution and bottling equipment. The corrosivity is less then that of fresh water.

GO2 unlike chlorine, will completely remove the biological film (biofilm) from the entire water distribution system.

GO2 is highly efficient at removing iron and manganese from water sources.

GO2 does not chlorinate organic material. It produces no THM’s, HAA’s, MX, chloramines, and other organic, carcinogenic or estrogenic compounds.

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