Bores inevitably age and present their operators with many problems - including a buildup of encrustations and slime which results in a decrease in the output quality and quantity and an increase in pumping costs.

These encrustations usually consist of iron and manganese which are caused by bacteria present in the bore water. The dissolved minerals in the ground water (particularly iron and manganese) are consumed by bacteria, which then use it as part of their metabolic process. Once utilized, the bacteria then excrete the minerals in solid form - resulting in encrustations forming in the bore.

The bacteria utilizing iron and manganese form very significant slime deposits, which can also foul the bore. Attempts have been made to clean and disinfectant bores with chlorine. Although this helps to rid the bore of iron forming bacteria, it can cause problems by converting the dissolved iron to deposited iron, thus causing the formation of iron sludge and nodules. The use of chlorine as a disinfectant will also result in unpleasant tastes and odors in the water with the possibility of the formation of toxic by-products.

GO2TM is a powerful ecologically responsible disinfectant that is particularly effective against problem causing iron fixing bacteria. It has proven bactericidal, algicidal, fungicidal, sporacidal, and virucidal efficacy. Adding GO2TM to the bore on a permanent dosage will ensure problem causing bacteria are kept under control.

GO2TM Analysis

Residual GO2TM chlorine dioxide concentrations must be determined by substantiated methods which are specific for chlorine dioxide. Two suitable methods are published in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater:

  • 4500- ClO2 D (DPD-Glycine Method)
  • 4500- ClO2 E (Amperometric Method II)

Some of the benefits of using GO2TM include:

  • GO2TM will eliminate iron forming bacteria without the hazardous side effects of chlorine.
  • GO2TM does not form any harmful or toxic by-products. It is therefore friendly to you and your environment.
  • GO2TM eliminates obnoxious odors arising from putrefactive processes, yet leaves no residual odors of its own.
  • At the recommended dose GO2TM does not produce any undesirable tastes and odors.
  • GO2TM can be dosed directly into the water, it does not require expensive on site generation equipment.

The GO2TM bore regeneration process and maintenance program is unlike other chemical treatments, since it uses only environmentally responsible yet powerful products. The cleaning and regeneration result in a more efficient bore or well with increased production. A permanent maintenance dose of GO2TM inhibits the re-growth of bacteria and hence greatly increases the time between cleaning of the bores and wells.

Dosage Requirements For Bores

Before dosing GO2TM, the bore should be cleaned and rejuvenated. Initial Dose:

  • Add GO2TM to the bore water.
  • Surge the pump several times to mix the product through the water column. Maintenance Dose:
  • Add a permanent dosage to the bore water.

Dosage Requirements For Filtration Systems

  • The required quantity of GO2TM is based on the total volume.
  • After determining the required quantity of GO2TM, and immediately apply this to the filter.
  • It is not necessary to rinse off GO2TM

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