Corn, Peas, Beans

Process Description

  • General process water contains 0.5ppm chlorine (municipal supply)
  • Wash water is process water with up to 2 ppm GO2TM solution added
  • Beans are blanched and then cooled down. As the corn is cooling, microbiological growth can occur
  • The beans is cooled by water spray, with up to 2 ppm GO2TM solution (critical stage)


  • No taste and odor influence on the corn
  • GO2TM solution works well in an environment of high organic load
  • No chlorine smell in the factory
  • Easy generation, dosing and control of disinfection

Required equipment

  • GO2TM chlorine dioxide storage tank
  • Chlorine dioxide residual controller/sensor
  • Dosage pump (Acid resistant, equal to Prominent B-Line)

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