Potato Washing

After harvesting the potatoes they are transported by truck and then placed into heaps. They contain sand, mold and pathogens, e.g. Aspergilus Niger. The potatoes are washed, peeled and cut into shapes prior to freezing.

To optimize food safety and quality, pathogens need to be removed by a washing procedure. Water used for processing is in general from municipal supply.

Process Description

  • Potatoes are cut and washed with GO2TM solution treated water
  • GO2TM solution is dosed into the treated water at 0.7-1.0 ppm to maintain concentration of 0.5ppm of ClO2 residual.(the contact time will influence the dosage rate) for the wash water used during the peeling and cutting process
  • Ensure sufficient contact time with the wash water containing GO2TM.
  • To ensure the residual of GO2TM in the wash water the use of a redox meter or chlorine dioxide sensor is strongly advised in combination with dosing equipment (dosage pump, contact water meter, two PE-HD black storage tanks and an injection point). Contact time is key during the washing process.


  • The use of GO2TM in the wash water will contribute to an increased production yield by better optimized micro biological control;
  • Unusual taints on processed potatoes are removed;
  • No more use of chlorine in the disinfection process; no chlorinated organic by-products;
  • GO2TM delivers superior broad spectrum micro-biological control;
  • No taste or odor problems with potatoes;
  • GO2TM is effective against fungi; a separate fungicide may no longer be required.
  • CLIO2 delivers better micro-biological control than chlorine, even at a chlorine dose rate of 5-10 ppm.
  • Automatic operation simple and effective.
  • No chlorinated organic by-products.
  • No corrosion to equipment
  • No fumes
  • No harmful effect to humans or environment

Required equipment

  • GO2TM solution storage tank
  • Chlorine dioxide residual controller/sensor (Redox)
  • Flow meter
  • Dosage pump (Acid resistant, equal to Prominent B-Line)
  • By-pass 2,500L/hr tap from the main flow, dose with GO2TM and feed back to the main flow.


  • The volume of water used may be considerable in a potato processing plant. A by-pass of on the main water supply pipeline may simplify the dosing that is feed back to the main flow.
  • Dosage rates mentioned above may deviate.

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