What Is the Importance of Water Disinfection in Livestock and Dairy?

06 Feb,2019 | Blog


Water is the single most essential nutrients, which affect the health of livestock and dairy. For a healthy weight of a cow and other livestock water without any bacteria is essential. One need to check constitutes in the water like chlorine, sulfate, solids, and iron for analyzing the quality of water. If the above mention substitutes are in higher quantity, then it affects the health of the livestock and cows. Therefore, it is necessary to have a water test to analyze the quality of water. In this article, we will provide insight importance of water disinfection.

Advantages of Disinfection to Use in Livestock and Dairy

Make Animals Healthy

Disinfected water protects the animals against health problems and keeps them healthy. There are various health problems cow faces like Bovine mastitis which weaker the health of the cow and its milk. Disinfectant like chlorine dioxide boasts an extensive record to protect the cow from Bovine Mastitis.

Reduce Medical Expenses

To ensure profitability it is necessary to identify ways to reduce the expenses and with the help of effective disinfectant, one can achieve profits. Livestock and cows affected by the bacteria which make them weaker and it increases the expenses. With the help of disinfectant, one can protect their livestock against bacteria like Legionella.

Reduce the Death Rate

Poor quality water with bacteria and high salt imbalance the water percentage in the livestock and it result in death. Disinfectant like chlorine dioxide sanitizes the water in with 0.1 to 0.5 mg to protect the death control.

Enhance the Taste of Water

Taste of water becomes odd if there is bacteria and virus in the water. Due to that odd taste livestock drink less and it affects their weight. For any poultry/Dairy farm owner weight of livestock is essential. Water disinfectants not only enhance the taste of water but also increase the weight of livestock and cow.

Rapid Action

Disinfectant works fast and also dissolved in water easily to prevent bacteria. Chlorine dioxide dissolved in the water fast to eliminate bacteria and sanitize the water in seconds. It saves the time of poultry farm owner to protect livestock and cows from bacteria.


Disinfection of water is necessary that one can understand from the previous points. There are certain government standards for cow milk and for livestock disinfectant helps the owner to adhere the standards.

Why Choose Go2intl?

Go2 is 21st-century chlorine dioxide technology. Easy To Use. Self-generating. Simple To Apply.

Go2 is 21st-century chlorine dioxide technology. East to Use. Self-generating. Simple to Apply.

Choosing GO2 International will definitely be your best choice as the company is the gold standard for water disinfection. Their products are EPA approved and provide an easy, safe alternative for the production of chlorine dioxide without unwanted by-products.

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