What is the Effect of Clean Water on Cow and their Milk?

17 Oct,2018 | Blog

Water is one of the essential sources that keep cows healthy. Cows can prosper and adapt distinctive types of environment as well as weather conditions. Although they adopt the weather condition, cows need time to adjust in seasonal changes like winter and summer. Now, before inquiring the effect of clean water on cow and their milk, let’s look at how poor quality water affects the cow.

Poor Quality Water – The parameters of water quality are oxygen level, amount of salt, materials like turbidity, as well as bacteria levels. Poor quality water contains a high amount of pesticides, substantial amounts of metals, herbicides, etc.

1) Effect of Poor Quality Water on Cows

1) Due to poor water quality, a disease like diarrhea is a big concern, as it makes cow weak due to digestive upset. Diarrhea also reduces the weight of a cow, which is harmful to the health of the cow.

2) River water with a lot of industrial influence nearby can cause a high level of mastitis, Sometimes due to pollution and microorganisms in the water.

3) Iron is an essential nutrient, but the high amount of iron in water will make the taste of water very poor. Due to poor taste, less water will be consumed.

2) Let’s Look at the Effect of Clean Water on Cow and their Milk

1) Water has a direct impact on the health of cows and their milk capacity. Cows are very sensitive to the water they are taking. Cows can differentiate between poor and good quality water. As per one research conducted in Alberta, Canada found that cow drinking water from trough show 9% more weight gain in calves as compared to drinking water from a pond.

2) Clean water is essential for a cow’s fertility. Cows will drink clean water in higher quantities and it will increase the weight. The healthy weight is essential for good fertility in cow and for good quality milk.

3) Water with a ph level of 6.0 to 8.5 is proper for cows. Alkaline levels in water lower than 1000 parts per million is satisfactory for cows. There are a few instances when cows drink water directly from the pond, which has a high amount of alkaline, which can affect the health of the cow.

4) To maintain the metabolic rate in cows’ clean water is necessary.

5) The effect of clean water with chlorine dioxide in drinking water allows the water to be disinfected through oxidation.

6) With the help of clean water, one can increase milk production without using growth hormones. As per a secondary study of the dairy operation in Alberta, Canada, clean water resulted in increased consumption, which simultaneously helped increase the production of milk from 2 to 3 liters per day.

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