Chlorine Dioxide

Old Fashion Chlorine Dioxide

For many decades chlorine dioxide has been recognized as a superior disinfectant. However, production has been fraught with many problems. Equipment-generated chlorine dioxide requires a significant investment in equipment, specialized training and precursor chemicals. There are risks of explosion, and more than 99% of the produced gas is wasted. Gas-generated CLO2 is not affordable to many small and medium users because of high investment cost and expensive production.

Traditional chlorine dioxide generation equipment requires secure, fire-proof rooms and a high level or training, such that production is limited to authorized personnel. The application of equipment-generated chlorine dioxide is only suitable for high volume users due to high investment cost and the expensive costs of operation. GO2TM is simple, and affordable to everyone, from a major urban water authority to a village well.

"Liquid" chlorine dioxide is simply production from acidified sodium chlorite. In this process the chemistry management is imprecise and myriad harmful by-products are created from free chlorine radicals inevitably present in the process.

This is yesterday's technology, with myriad problematic side-effects.

Production of GO2

GO2 is made completely different: add 2 powders added to normal water or DI water. Use a simple tank with a simple dosing pump. The result is a 4,000ppm 95%+ chlorine dioxide liquid concentrate. There is no wasted product. 100% of the concentrate is consumed in the target water, leaving zero by-products and zero residues.

GO2 Products

GO2TM is the 21st Century Alternative Technology

GO2 is a totally new technology to produce chlorine dioxide. GO2 eliminates all the above problems.

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