Nematode worm eradication

The Nematode worm can be found in the backwash of the drinking water treatment system. The backwash water effluent is released to the environment. It should be clean and devoid of microbiological contamination. Presence of the Nematode worm is a direct hazard for agriculture.

The dosage rate of GO2TM is varied depending upon the levels of other bacteria detected in the backwash water.

Apart from contamination of the water, the Nematod worm is a great danger to agriculture. In order to attack the Nematode worm, the following treatment is required:

  • Use GO2TM 4,000 ppm solution at 4,000 ppm concentration.
  • Dosage of GO2TM 4,000 ppm solution in the Nematod Contaminated Water (NCW): Mix 1 part GO2TM 4,000 ppm solution with 3000 Parts NCW :to produce a dosage rate of 1 ppm.
  • Contact Time: Minimum 4 hours.
  • Filtration: The NCW treated with GO2TM should be filtered with gravel filtration or sand filtration to remove the Nematode bodies. This is of great importance as, due to this filtration, the micro-organisms will not subsequently provided with organic nutrition.
  • Thinning Down: Mix 1 part of the filtered water (per 4, above) with 10 parts of water that is NOT contaminated with Nematode. This produces a GO2TM 4,000 ppm solution at a concentration of 0.1ppm. The actual GO2TM 4,000 ppm solution concentration is much lower than 0.1 ppm (due to decomposition) and is environmentally harmless.

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