Microbial Contamination

The old fashioned way to fight microbial contamination is to use chlorine in high and sometimes dangerous doses. In many industries, this method is no longer preferred, as in many situation the efficacy is not satisfactory for carcass washing, fruit and vegetable washing and the full control of e-coli and listeria. Other reasons are the negative effects on health, the (working) environment and the corrosiveness on equipment, and pipe systems.

Chlorine has adverse effects on health and equipment. It gasses off in production facilities. It creates corrosion, organoleptic and taste problems. It is aggressive and hazardous to use, store and transport. It is ineffective outside of narrow pH levels, and does not kill viruses or remove slimes.

GO2TM is a much stronger replacement for all chlorine users. GO2 will 100% remove slime from all water storage and distribution systems. Once slime has been eradicated, the dosage level of GO2 subsequently required to maintain a clean, healthy water system and to prevent recolonization by slime, can be significantly reduced, thereby delivering an ongoing cost-saving for the user.

5 L (1.32 gallons) GO2 at 0.05ppm will treat over 400,000 L (over 100,000 gallons) of drinking water!

The Ideal Solution

GO2 provides a radical solution to the control of microbial contamination in hot and cold water services, potable supplies, cooling water, process waters, waste water and effluent across a wide range of applications where microbial control is essential.

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