How chlorine dioxide water effects on Pig and Poultry farm?

28 Dec,2018 | Blog

Water is a very essential part of Poultry farming for the health of the livestock. In the Livestock industry, a proper drinking water system is beneficial to avoid any infections. Chlorine dioxide helps poultry farm to manage and maintain good quality drinking water. Before describing the chlorine dioxide water effects on Pig and Poultry farms, here is general information about chlorine dioxide

What is Chlorine dioxide water?

Chlorine dioxide is basically one chemical compound consisting of one chlorine and two oxygen atoms. Chlorine dioxide is a gas vapor and water acts as its carrier. It generally is used in Poultry farms to eradicate microorganisms present in water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved chlorine dioxide as a water disinfectant.

What are the effects of Chlorine dioxide water on Pig and Poultry farms?

• Chlorine dioxide treated drinking water allows for adequate water consumption of the livestock which can contribute to the overall health of the pigs in a poultry farm.

• A proper water system not only enhances the health of Pig but can also help to reduce the expenses of antibiotics.

• Chlorine dioxide treated water can help poultry farm owner to eradicate slime, viruses, and bacteria in the water.

• The death rate among Pigs can be mitigated through treating water with chlorine dioxide and using chlorine dioxide as a hard surface disinfectant or sanitizer to eradicate microorganisms.

• The pig will drink more water due to no water odor problems.

What are the top 5 Benefits of Chlorine dioxide treated water?

Rapid– Chlorine dioxide kills the bacteria and sanitizes the water quickly and effectively.

Potent– Chlorine dioxide needs very small ppm doses to disinfect the water. One can use it just 2mg/l in water to control harmful bacteria

Not sensitive for pH– Chlorine and bromine both are sensitive for pH, when pH level rises in water both become ineffective. Chlorine dioxide is effective in a broad pH range.

Strong against legionella– Chlorine dioxide is very effective disinfectant utilized for legionella control and prevents the microbial biofilms in which they tend to increase. It is famous for a proper biocide and disinfectant to manage the risk of Legionnaires ’ disease connected with warm as well as cold domestic water systems and cooling water systems.

High Selectivity – Whilst Chlorine Dioxide is a potent oxidant, it has a decreased oxidation reduction potential than other generally used oxidizing biocides and disinfectants. This lower redox potential means that it is able to destroy the microbes without acting with other contaminants, often emerging in much bottom dosage rates, which can make it the affordable alternative.


Chlorine dioxide is one of the potent oxidizers which provide fast disinfection, dissolves easily and is not sensitive towards pH changes. It not only protects the health of livestock in poultry farm but also reduces bad taste which promotes pig to drink more and gain weight.

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