GO2 Properties

Disinfection Properties

  • A powerful oxidizing agent for organic materials
  • Selective oxidizer for reduced chemical use
  • Destroys algae-related taste and odor compounds
  • Higher yield (up to 260% more oxidation output compared to chlorine)
  • GO2 does not chlorinate organic materials
  • Decreases THM's, HAA's, TOX (Total Organic Halides), that are cancer causing agents
  • Effectively removes prophylaxis on slimes
  • Steady bactericidal efficacy within a broad range of pH levels (Bandwidth pH 4 to pH 10)
  • 100% effective against all water-borne micro-organisms and spore forming bacteria (Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Fungi and Sediment)
  • No build-up of resistance in micro-organisms
GO2TM is the Gold Standard in Water Disinfection.

GO2 comes in easy and safe to use packaging:

Jars for 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Liters;

Pails for 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 Liter solutions.

GO2 is extremely easy to make, and has no dangerous side effect. Hoewever, always follow the GO2 MSDS for component A and B, and for the 4,000 ppm concentrate.

Chemical Properties

  • Does not react with water to form hypochlorous acid (no "free chlorine")
  • Unlike chlorine, GO2 does not react with ammonia, ammonium or most organic compounds
  • No free chlorine, chlorite, chlorate or chloride
  • Higher material tolerance to soft metals
  • Higher efficiency in the removal of iron and magnesium compounds

Operational Properties

  • No residues
  • No corrosion
  • Single-product water disinfectant and conditioner
  • Effective against airborne pathogens when "misted"

Costs Properties

The elements below are eliminated by the use of GO2 *:

  • Cost of a conventional ClO2 generator (cheapest approximately US $10,000)
  • ClO2 generator maintenance and re-certification
  • Security measures
  • Training, certification and re-certification of qualified personnel
  • Environmental, health & safety factors
  • Hazardous material transportation costs
  • Additional chemicals (e.g. pH-level stabilizers)

* A direct cost comparison by volume with other disinfectants does not provide a true comparison with GO2.

Delivery Mechanism

  • 5 years guaranteed shelf life in two-component form
  • Easy to apply (standard industrial dosing equipment)
  • High solubility in water, can be applied in a very short time
  • 30 minute conversion time for full 4,000 ppm Power
  • Produces 95+% pure ClO2
  • High yield rate: 5 L (1.32 Gall) of GO2 at 0.1 ppm will treat 200,000 L (over 50,000 Gall) of water.

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