1. Water Driven Pumps

  • Application: Where there is no need for high precision and more expensive pumps
  • Examples: Livestock, some food and beverage applications
  • Brands: Dosatron, Dosamatic, others

2. Metering Pumps

  • Application: Any application that requires precise chemical delivery
  • Examples: Human potable water, carcass washing and spraying, R.O. treatment, Package rinse
  • Brands: Grundfoss, Pulsafeeder, LMI, Prominent, others

3. Peristaltic Pumps

  • Application: Low-precision applications, allow monthly maintenance.
  • Examples: Livestock
  • Brands: Stenner


1. Double Walled Tanks Application

  • Application: High controlled and sensitive applications
  • Examples: Food and beverage applications, human potable water, industrial applications
  • Brands: Gemini

2. Single walled Tanks

  • Application: Non-sensitive applications, low-precision applications
  • Examples: Livestock
  • Brands: Grundfos, Stenner

General requirements for tanks

  • UV Blocking
  • Closed tank system
  • Re-sealable
  • Gasket material must be Viton
  • Carbon venting system
  • 10% voided spacing
  • Linear polyethylene construction


  • Pump mounting platform
  • Mixer integrated in top

Flow Sensors


Control Unit

  • 1. Membrane Style (Prominent)
  • 2. Probe Style (Grundfoss)
  • 3. On-Line titration (Swan)

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