How to Use GO2TM Solution in Various Sectors

08 Oct,2021 | Blog

It won’t be an exaggeration to state that we are surrounded by microorganisms, out of which some may be beneficial but most are harmful to us. These microorganisms in the form of bacteria, algae, fungi, and others, can pollute our water sources, food sources, and livestock causing diseases. The only remedy to stay healthy is to get rid of or minimize the presence of such microorganisms in the above-mentioned sources using chemical solutions called disinfectants, sanitizers, biocides, algicides, antimicrobials, and fungicides.


Among the known chemical disinfectants that are highly effective against a host of pathogens is chlorine dioxide. However, producing chlorine dioxide on an industrial scale can be an expensive process not to speak of the safety issues involved. This is where GO2TM comes across as an easy-to-use derivative of chlorine dioxide. Its high solubility in water makes its application across industries quite convenient. Let us discuss how GO2TM, a derivative of chlorine dioxide in USA, can be used across industries.

How can GO2TM be used across industries? 

The EPA approved GO2TM has wide usage across the industrial landscape with some being discussed below:

Potable water treatment : The toxicity in drinking or potable water can be due to the presence of harmful chemicals or microorganisms. These can be treated effectively using the powerful disinfectant GO2TM, which can be procured from credible chlorine dioxide suppliers or manufacturers such as GO2TM International. GO2TM in proper dosages can be used as a disinfectant and an oxidizer to treat water contamination. For instance, a residual concentration of 2 ppm can effectively disinfect most potable water systems, especially in municipal systems. According to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, any residual byproducts generated while treating water with GO2TM should be monitored. Besides, the use of GO2TM in potable water systems can eliminate odors and organic matter.

Non-potable water treatment : Non-potable water used in agriculture or the livestock industry can affect the health of animals as well as crop yield. It is only by using GO2TM, received from chlorine dioxide suppliers that microbial transfer from water to crops or animals can be minimized or eliminated resulting in saving animals from contracting water-borne diseases or ensuring the freshness and increased shelf-life of flowers and agricultural crops. To apply the GO2TM solution, use a 4000 ppm concentrate in a ratio of 1:800 dilution to garner a solution of 5 ppm.  


Oil wells and petroleum systems: GO2TM is a powerful oxidizer and antimicrobial solution to eliminate bacterial and sulfide contamination in oilfields. However, the application method and dosage varies according to the process conditions. Here, GO2TM can be applied either intermittently through a dosing pump or continuously to the water separated from the oil well. To reduce the impact of sulfide oxidation, GO2TM can be added at higher dosages. To apply intermittent treatment, GO2TM, a derivative obtained from chlorine dioxide in USA, should be applied at higher dosages of 200 to 3000 ppm.


GO2TM has wide usage across businesses and delivers as an antimicrobial or disinfectant solution when applied in smaller concentrations. As a unique and two-component chlorine dioxide solution, which is EPA and NSF Standard 60 approved, the solution can be used as an alternative to traditional disinfectant solutions like chlorine, ozone, bromine, and others.

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