What are the Powerful Properties of GO2 as a Disinfectant?

15 Aug,2021 | Blog

We are surrounded by microorganisms, both harmful and beneficial. The harmful ones cause diseases when they enter our bodies and form biofilm inside pipes, reservoirs, or cooling towers. A powerful disinfectant called chlorine dioxide when used in the right concentrations can stop such microbes from growing and spreading further. Its truly innovative form called GO2 has been around for quite some time and is obtained through breakthrough green technology. It functions as a total environmentally safe system to treat potable water by offering 100% biocidal performance. GO2 happens to be a two-component disinfectant solution that comes in a powder form. By using the right product packaging in Buena Park, the combination of two separate components produces a chlorine dioxide solution that is 95+% pure at a concentration of 4000 ppm.

GO2 is a great disinfectant, fungicide, algaecide, and sanitizer without the issues associated with conventional disinfectants such as chlorine and/or acidified sodium chlorite or stabilized chlorine dioxide. It is highly recommended for use as a disinfectant in a host of industry sectors such as hospitals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, livestock, agriculture, food and beverage, potable water, swimming pools, cruise ships, and marine vessels, restaurants, and hotels, hot tubs and spas, and tank cleaning.    

Properties of GO2 as a disinfectant


GO2 with the right proportions acts as a disinfectant possessing powerful properties as mentioned below:

  • Works as a powerful oxidizer for organic materials and reduced chemical use.
  • Removes compounds that produce mal odor and alter the taste of food or water
  • Produces more oxidation output (260%) than chlorine
  • Decreases cancer-causing agents such as THM’s, TOX, HAA’s, and others
  • Removes prophylaxis on biofilm or slimes
  • Eliminates resistance in microorganisms
  • Provides high bacterial efficacy for a broad range of pH – 4 to 10
  • Does not react with water to form hypochlorous acid or free chlorine
  • Does not react with organic compounds such as ammonia, ammonia, and others
  • Does not produce free chlorite, chlorine, or chloride
  • Shows higher material tolerance to soft metals
  • Shows higher efficiency in removing iron and magnesium compounds
  • Does not show any residue or corrosion
  • Highly effective against airborne pathogens
  • Reduces the cost of generating chlorine dioxide in the traditional way
  • Reduces cost towards maintenance and re-certification of conventional chlorine dioxide
  • Reduces expenses towards upholding environmental, health, and safety standards
  • Reduces expenses towards transporting hazardous material
  • Reduces expenses towards adding chemicals such as pH-level stabilizers

The delivery mechanism of GO2

 When compared to conventional chlorine or chlorine dioxide, GO2 delivered through perfect product packaging in Buena Park is easier to apply along with providing the following benefits

  • Guaranteed shelf life of 5 years in the two-component form
  • Offers high solubility in water and can be applied quickly
  • Produces more than 95% of chlorine dioxide
  • Offers a conversion time of 30 minutes to deliver the full power of 4000ppm
  • A high yield rate – 5 liters at 0.1 ppm to treat around 200,000 of water


GO2 has emerged as a powerful disinfectant over traditional disinfectants such as chlorine. It’s a low-cost yet extremely effective sanitizer that is capable of eliminating a host of pathogens in a range of industries. With proper product packaging in Buena Park, it can be obtained in the right quantity.

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