How is GO2TM Solution Effective for Waste Water Treatment

27 Sep,2021 | Blog

Untreated waste water, whether from municipalities or industries, can be a source of causing severe health hazards among humans and other life forms. It can pollute the community reservoirs, agricultural land, and even the underground aquifers unless treated with a disinfectant solution. The microorganisms commonly found in such waters are bacteria, protozoan cysts, and viruses. For many years, chlorine, bromine, and ozone have been used as disinfectant solutions to treat waste water. However, in most cases, their application leaves a lot to be desired thanks to the production of carcinogens such as bromates and trihalomethanes as residues or byproducts. This is where chlorine dioxide or its refined form GO2TM comes as the most effective solution for waste water treatment in Buena Park.


Choosing chlorine dioxide or GO2TM as a powerful and effective disinfectant to treat waste water is based on the following attributes:

  • The capacity to penetrate the cells of various pathogens and destroy them.
  • Easy to produce, handle, store, and ship.
  • Absence of any toxic residues such as carcinogenic or mutagenic compounds after sanitizing.
  • Affordable for putting into operations and maintenance.

First used for treating drinking water, chlorine dioxide or its refined form GO2TM (EPA certified) is used as an oxidant in treating effluents over chlorine and ozone for a host of reasons. Continue reading the below-mentioned segments about the reasons to choose chlorine dioxide in USA as a powerful disinfectant.

  • Does not produce harmful residues such as trihalomethanes.
  • Biocidal properties not influenced by pH.
  • More powerful oxidant than chlorine to remove potentially toxic substances, color and odor.
  • Effective in treating secondary nitrified or non-nitrified effluents.

Why treat waste water in the first place?


Industries and municipalities produce an excessive amount of waste water and have to deal with it as the water can be very harmful to humans, animals, and flora. Besides, the water contains deadly pathogens and chemicals such as lead, mercury, etc., which if ingested by any life form can cause severe health hazards. Also, given the fact that water as a resource is scarce, it should be used optimally. This is why treated waste water can be recycled and reused by industries instead of drawing water from the ground or other sources.

There are industries such as thermal power plants or sectors such as mines where a huge quantity of water is needed to treat fly ash or washing raw ores, among others. With water scarcity being felt in major parts of the globe thanks to the deleterious effect of climate change, going for waste water treatment in Buena Park and other places can be the ideal solution to address the problem of water scarcity. Chlorine dioxide helps oxidize the organic compounds in waste water thereby killing pathogens, reducing turbidity, and turning it into a substitute for surface water.


With the world economy embracing greater industrialization and urbanization, precious resources like naturally occurring water are getting depleted due to excessive exploitation. It is only through recycling waste water using chlorine dioxide as a powerful disinfectant that industries can reduce their intake of water and help recharge the natural aquifers below the ground or on the surface. And it is only by reaching out to the chlorine suppliers in USA that industries and/or municipalities can make a transition towards using a powerful, effective, and affordable disinfectant solution.

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