How does Citrus Fruit Yield Increase with GO2TM Application

16 Sep,2021 | Blog

The farmers, processors, and marketers of citrus fruits suffer huge losses every year for their produce due to the impact of microorganisms. These microorganisms prevent the fruits from ripening and worse, cause them to decay. The only way to get rid of such microorganisms and obtain a higher yield of fruits is by destroying them without affecting the taste and odor of fruits. Compared to the use of conventional sanitizers or disinfectants, the gaseous form of chlorine dioxide or its refined form GO2TM can do wonders. In lower concentrations, the disinfectant chemical compound chlorine dioxide has a powerful antimicrobial property while having an impact on the environment. Should you be looking to obtain the best chlorine dioxide in USA, try its refined form GO2TM, which is easier to produce, use, and store.

Why use the GO2TM solution?

 Citrus fruits, like any other fresh fruits and vegetables, are prone to contamination by microorganisms (Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli) leading to health hazards. It is estimated that millions fall ill in the USA and across the world by consuming such fruits. This has necessitated the use of disinfectants to get rid of such microorganisms and preserve the presence of essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and dietary fibers. And when it comes to using a powerful disinfectant, GO2TM, obtained from chlorine dioxide suppliers, stands head and shoulders above the rest – chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone.  

The many advantages of using GO2TM as opposed to conventional disinfectants are many as mentioned below:

  • Higher production yield compared to bromine or chlorine type treatment
  • Does not affect the odor and taste of citrus fruits
  • Increases the shelf-life of citrus fruits threefold
  • Removes fungi and eliminates the use of a fungicide separately
  • Does not produce harmful byproducts like THMs
  • Does not create any environmental load when discharged
  • Does not cause any corrosive effect on infrastructure
  • Kills all bacteria and fungi, which is not possible by chlorine
  • Does not build any resistance among microorganisms
  • In traditional technology, the use of this compound may release airborne spores and would necessitate the use of an exhaust system

How to use GO2TM for citrus fruits

 The types of microorganisms to be eliminated using GO2TM are:

  • Geotrichum Candidum Sour Rot Spores
  • Penicillium Digitatum Blue Mold
  • Green Mold

The disinfectant procedure entails immersing the citrus fruits in water containing 4,000 ppm of GO2TM solution at the time of washing.

  • The dosage rate of 1-2 ppm is added to the re-circulated water. This generates a GO2TM residual quantity of 0.035 ppm.
  • Dosage is controlled through Redox as the wash water turns very dirty.
  • The temperature of wash water is kept at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and its pH value at 8.

Notwithstanding the health benefits of consuming fresh citrus and other fruits and vegetables, say as protection against colon and gastric cancers, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, they are highly perishable as well. They undergo deterioration through biochemical changes and microbial degradation causing severe economic losses. The spoilage due to microbial contamination can be prevented by using sanitizers.


GO2TM, the refined form of chlorine dioxide in USA, can kill microbes in citrus fruits and other types of fruits and vegetables by disrupting the latter’s ability for protein synthesis. It does so by oxidizing their amino acids and damaging the genome’s ability for RNA synthesis. With the use of GO2TM, the yearly loss suffered by all stakeholders can be minimized or eliminated.

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