How can GO2TM Solution Enhance the Quality of Bores?

23 Nov,2021 | Blog

Having your private water supply comes with many advantages. Most people are looking for affordable ways to have water in their homes. With a borehole, you can bid goodbye to municipal disruptions and power cuts. Besides adding a tangible value to your property, it also provides greater water security. However, you need to test the borehole water to ensure it is fit for human consumption. Boreholes pose a lot of problems to the operators – the major ones include the buildup of slime and encrustations, which should be removed urgently. GO2TM, a form of chlorine dioxide, has proved to be effective in the removal of these unwanted contaminants. It is safe to use and can be transported easily. GO2 International – the manufacturer of GO2TM based disinfectant makes use of high-quality product packaging in Buena Park to ensure safe storage.

Reasons why GO2TM is the best solution for disinfecting bores

Before we discuss how GO2TM is helpful in disinfecting bores, let us understand how the buildup of encrustations takes place. Encrustations consist of dissolved minerals caused by bacteria in the bore water. The two most important minerals – iron and manganese are consumed by the bacteria – further using them as a part of the metabolic process. The bacteria, after utilizing the dissolved minerals, excrete them out in a solid form resulting in encrustations. The slime deposits are also caused by the bacteria that utilize these dissolved minerals, leaving behind a foul smell inside the bore.

Earlier, several attempts were made to disinfect bores using chlorine solution. However, the results were not very effective. Though the bore was freed from the iron-forming bacteria, there were chances of other problems like the formation of nodules and iron sludge. Also, chlorine is known to create harmful by-products, which can make the bore water unfit for consumption. This is where GO2TM – an easy-to-use derivative of chlorine dioxide plays an important role. This powerful disinfectant solution has proven algicidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal properties. Adding the solution in the right quantities will keep a tight control on the problem-causing bacteria. Let’s take a look at the reasons why this solution is effective in enhancing the quality of bores.

  • GO2TM is known for removing the problem causing bacteria without leaving behind any harmful side effects of chlorine
  • No formation of toxic by-products, which are quite common when a chlorine solution is used
  • GO2TM is a great disinfectant used for odor control and in a wide range of water purification processes
  • If the GO2TMsolution is added in the right quantities, it causes no odors or unpleasant taste
  • The solution is a powerful disinfectant that makes use of eco-friendly products for the entire cleaning process


It is no surprise why this chemical compound is in high demand. As discussed above, the chlorine dioxide solution should be dosed correctly to ensure no harmful odors or obnoxious tastes are produced. The bore should be cleaned before dosing with GO2TM. The unique properties of chlorine dioxide make it one of the most desirable choices for bore water treatment. Since you’re now aware of the pros of using chlorine dioxide, or its derivative GO2TM, you may also focus on a company that gives you the best product packaging in Buena Park for GO2TM.