Why is Chlorine Dioxide Better than Chlorine in Treating Water?

20 Jul,2021 | Blog

Just because chlorine dioxide and chlorine share a word in common, do not forget that the composition of these two compounds is completely different. ClO2 is undoubtedly a versatile alternative to chlorine and there are various points to support this statement. For starters, neither does it react with any organic compound nor does it produce environmentally dangerous chlorinated organic compounds. If you are an industrialist, run a potable water treatment in Buena Park, or associated with agriculture, you need to have a clear vision about the two chemical compounds (chlorine and chlorine dioxide) and the surrounding misconceptions about them.

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Chlorine vs. Chlorine Dioxide: Busting the Misconceptions

 Often mistaken for chlorine, chlorine dioxide has several advantages. It not only operates effectively in a broader range of pH levels but also acts as a powerful disinfectant against complex organisms like bacteria, fungi, biofilm, etc.

So, let’s take a look at its advantages over chlorine.

  • No Harmful By-Products

Unlike chlorine, ClO2 breaks down only in the presence of high temperature and alkalinity. This means it doesn’t react with organics and is completely environment-friendly.

In fact, ClO2 is used in various ways to protect the environment and the health of all living beings from microbes and the harmful by-products formed from other disinfection methods.

  • Less Corrosive

As ClO2 has a higher oxidation potential than chlorine, it is less corrosive and highly soluble in water. Besides, it doesn’t hydrolyze to produce acids and prolongs the lifespan of various types of equipment

  • Wider pH Range

ClO2 is an effective biocide over wide pH values ranging from 2-10. It purifies water without altering its color or taste. This is one of the reasons it is used in potable water treatment in Buena Park along with many other places globally. Moreover, you do not need to use additional chemicals to control the pH level in water and disrupt its capability for protein synthesis.

  • Powerful Disinfectant

It is to be noted that, both chlorine and chlorine dioxide are powerful disinfectant agents. However, as ClO2 functions via an oxidative rather than chlorinating reaction, it eliminates the risk of producing harmful chlorinated organic compounds. It kills pathogenic micro-organisms like fungi and viruses, among others, and removes biofilm or slime. Furthermore, it is quite effective against spore-forming bacteria and prevents their growth in potable water treatment, without changing the color or taste of water.

  • Doesn’t Depend on Temperature

 As chlorine has the tendency to dissociate at higher temperatures (>40 degrees centigrade), it results in the production of chlorine gas, which impacts the environment. However, chlorine dioxide can be used effectively at elevated temperatures without any fear of dissociation.


So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ClO2 has way more benefits than chlorine and both compounds are radically different from each other. You can not only use ClO2 to boost the quality of agricultural products, treating wastewater but also consider it for effective potable water treatment in Buena Park.

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