What is the stability of GO2?

The residual by-products of GO2 are Na2SO4 (Sodium Sulphate) and NaCl (Sodium Chloride).

Is 2 chlorine free?

Ion chromotography test have shown that GO2 does not produce any chlorine.

What is the conversion efficiency of GO2?

GO2 has a conversion of at least 95%.

Why is the conversion efficiency of GO2 not 99%?

There is no generation method that can deliver 99.9% purity without scrubbing the ClO2 gas from solution to a new water volume. This is the only way to get the pure ClO2 solution benign of chlorite, chlorate and other impurities. Therefore, 99% conversion is physically just not possible.

What is the chemical reaction formula of GO2 Component A and GO2 Component B?

5 ClO2- (Chlorite) + 4 H+ = 4 ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) + Cl- (Chloride) + 2 H2O

How do I know which package I need for my application?

For every application, there are different needs and concentrations required. Click here for an overview of available packages and the amount of water that can be treated at different ppm levels.

Which product volumes are available from GO2?

GO2 starts in a 1 liter package, and goes up to a 1,000 liter package. For very large applications, it can also come in bulk packaging. Click here for a complete product overview.

Are there specific requirements for pump, tank and auxiliairy materials when I use GO2?

Although all equipment needed to use GO2 are basic and standard, there are some specific technical issues that one must know. Click here for more details.

What is the stability of GO2?

GO2 has a long stability. The graph below shows how GO2 maintains its stability for 30 days. (When used under right conditions – see MSDS (Download page) and see instructions for equipment and materials.)

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