What are Advantages/Benefits Citrus Fruits Food Processing?

08 Aug,2019 | Blog

The flavor, appearance, and texture of fruits and fruit juices are very important. You should also keep manufacturing costs, health, and safety considerations in your mind. Some companies use a solution of chlorine dioxide water treatment during the washing stage to remove fungi, germs and spoilage microorganisms. Nowadays, citrus fruits get produced in subtropical and tropical locations across the globe and these bright colored, sweet citrus fruits can change one’s mood for the better. Citrus fruits include limes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges as well as various hybrid fruits.

Normally, there are two main points of processing citrus fruit – the first where oil gets extracted from the skin of the fruit, and the second where the juice gets removed from the fruit. Before going to these advanced stages, chlorine dioxide water treatment is necessary, which removes excess dirt and microorganisms from these raw agricultural commodities (RACs). Before the juice is sold at a premium, it first gets processed into a concentrate of high quality. Today, NFC-based juice is high on demand globally. Likewise, it is the fastest growing part of citrus fruit. From fighting cancer to boosting immunity, there are a lot of marketed benefits consuming these fruit products.

The citrus fruits are always cleaned with a solution of bleach, ozone, or chlorine dioxide treatment in the wash basins in the factories. Then, concentration, separation, and pasteurization get completed in the other processes. Pasteurization can deactivate around 90% of enzymes present in the citrus juice. Some companies have added Special Aroma Recovery Unit to create good quality of fruit juice. Plus, they use advanced centrifugal separation technology for citrus food and beverage processing. Lets take a more detailed look at the whole process.

Citrus Fruit Farmers and Potential Benefits of These Fruits

Famers cultivate citrus fruits on shrubs and trees. Most of the citrus fruits have white pith, leathery ring, and juicy segments. Interestingly, citrus fruits producers use nearly a third of fruits from farmers to make juice. Citrus fruits are marketed as rich in plant vitamin C that can boost your immune system. Moreover, it can also keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Consuming one citrus fruit a day can help to maintain good health. They also have benefits of potassium, B vitamins, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium that your body needs daily.

It can also fight inflammation and has antioxidant properties. Plus, their plant compounds contain over 60 varieties of flavonoids, and essential oil and carotenoids. They are also a good source of fiber, and a person can get 14 gram of fiber in consumption of every 1,000 calories. The benefits of citrus fruits food processing are added below:

1. Aroma and oil recovery

The citrus fruit processing can complete two tasks at once. It can extract high-value aromas and oil while processing. Well-equipped machines can provide you oil recovery units that can remove the waste and strain pure and clean oil.

2. Separation, concentration and pasteurization of oranges

If you are producing citrus juice, different types of machines can remove the unwanted pulp at the end of the process. However, various sizes and types of machines are used in collecting the remaining pulp from the juices.

3. Hermetic separation

In some cases, while processing lemon into lemon juice, high level of citrus oil gets transferred into the juice. Want to know the right way to reduce the level of citrus oil? You can use the centrifugal separation method that doesn’t ruin the quality of the juice. It is said to be the most delicate method because the quantity of oil is less. Some companies have advanced separators that can remove oil reliably and effectively. It can be produced due to the hermetic bowl, and the ultra-smooth action.

4. Pasteurization of citrus fruit

To ensure the lightest possible treatment of NFC juices, various companies use heat technology to pasteurize citrus fruit.
The processing methods and benefits of citrus fruits are well listed. An important consideration is the washing stage, so processors can be assured the product they are working with is free of any fungi, algae, slime, or spoilage microorganisms. Please reach out to GO2 International and ask about how GO2 is EPA approved for the application of fruit and vegetable wash to extend freshness and shelf-life of RACs in food processing facilities.


Go2 is 21st-century chlorine dioxide technology.

Chlorine dioxide is a faster and more potent source of disinfectant capability without any worry of high Ph levels. This disinfectant is more soluble than others as it has a dissolving capacity 10 times faster than chlorine. Using chlorine dioxide is good for any sized company in need of slime control due to product efficacy at low ppm levels, low infrastructure needs and competitive product pricing. Please reach out with slime control needs and we will be happy to help.

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