Usage and Importance Of Chlorine Dioxide For Continuous Use In Process Water and Wastewater

16 Jan,2020 | Blog

Water scarcity and droughts are a continual concern for human and livestock populations, especially in California. Additionally, with water that is or can be used, there are many areas where contamination can be a concern with the chemicals that we use, industrial waste, pesticides and all microorganisms which can be present in raw water, process water, and wastewater.

These factors cause significant issues for humans, companies and especially for the environment. Many organizations and municipalities have initiated programs to treat process water and wastewater which results in allowing water to be re-usable, in efforts to acknowledge the water scarcity and quality issues. One of the techniques is using the method of chlorine dioxide water purification.

The usage of chlorine dioxide in drinking water is one of the smartest methods to clean the water. It purifies the water by killing all the harmful bacteria from our water making it potable. Inorganic compounds are removed by chlorine dioxide.

Why should We Choose Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide clears the water. It gets rid of impurities and microorganisms that can be found in water. Generally, it is used for public water treatment facilities such as the process of water which is used by companies. They use this chlorine dioxide the cleanse the water so they can be assured they use purified water in their process for creating finished products.

Breweries are a good example of these types of companies where this treatment would benefit because water is the main factor of their production. Pre-treating process water with chlorine dioxide would ensure their brews are using purified water for their numerous varieties. Additionally, they can collect and disinfect their wastewater with chlorine dioxide and re-use the water for washing down of floors or tanks to save on overall water usage.

Added benefits of chlorine dioxide disinfection in water treatment are iron and manganese removal, sulfide odor control, hard surface disinfection, and even bleaching and bacterial slime in paper manufacturing.

Benefits of Using GO2 Chlorine Dioxide

  • Wide spectrum oxidizing biocide
  • EPA approved disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, algaecide, slimicide, and deodorizer
  • It can be used as an effective general-purpose antimicrobial agent
  • Not only for purifying the water, has a wide array of uses in hard surface sanitation, fruit and vegetable wash, CIP, cooling towers, horticulture/hydroponics and bacterial control in oil wells
  • It does not affect the taste or odor of the water


Go2 is 21st- Century Chlorine Dioxide Technology. Easy to Use. Self-generating.Simple to Apply.

Chlorine dioxide is versatile, easy to generate, and requires minimal infrastructure which can provide lasting solutions to your water treatment needs. Please feel free to reach out to GO2 with any questions and we will be happy to help.

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