Why is Industrial Wastewater Treatment a Necessity?

20 Jun,2021 | Blog

The industry, in general, can be polluting and exploitative of resources such as water. It can have a long-term impact on the environment due to its excessive use of water and the generation of waste, including wastewater. These two aspects of water utilization and waste generation give rise to several environmental issues such as air and groundwater pollution.  Also, in most cases, industrial activity decreases the amount of minerals present in groundwater and increases the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. To make matters worse, the chemical changes caused by industrial wastewater affect marine life and damage crop yield.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that industrial wastewater treatment is no more optional but the need of the hour. And to achieve quality outcome, the proven EPA-approved chemical compound Chlorine Dioxide should be applied in places like cooling towers, hard surfaces, and wastewater concentration, among others. Hence, if you are an industrialist in California or any other place in the USA and want to carry out wastewater treatment in Buena Park for your industry, then continue reading the blog.

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Reasons to Use Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The excessive use of water by industries leads to the depletion of water resources, including groundwater. Besides, industrial processes can result in the production of wastewater containing different types of microorganisms, which are harmful to humans, livestock, and flora. The wastewater is often found to have been discharged over a large area thereby polluting the land. In this blog, we discuss the reasons to treat industrial wastewater and how the disinfectant chlorine dioxide (ClO2) can play a key role. Let’s get started.

  • Multiple Uses: Treated wastewater is widely utilized in agriculture as well as in thermal power plants. The untreated wastewater can be highly contaminated with deadly pathogens causing severe health hazards in humans and other life forms. Here, ClO2 acts as an anti-microbial agent to get rid of the deadly pathogens while treating industrial wastewater. So, after being treated with chlorine dioxide, industrial wastewater can prove to be a good substitute for groundwater or other naturally occurring water resources. Such treated wastewater can be effective in crop production, horticulture as well as gardening, among others. Also, since such water is considered safe and economical, it can be used by thermal power plants to treat fly ash.
  • Save Water: Apart from its use in agriculture and fly ash treatment, treated wastewater is used in mines to clean mineral ores. As the process of washing the ores involves large quantities of water, treated wastewater proves to be the best replacement for groundwater. In fact, it can play a crucial role to address the problem of water scarcity across the globe. Do you know that potable water treatment using ClO2, in addition to industrial wastewater treatment, helps in saving water through processes such as reverse osmosis and ozone dosing?
  • Segregate Compounds: Wastewater comprises natural compounds and metals. Before reusing treated wastewater, the above-mentioned substances need to be removed for use in various industrial operations. For instance, iron and steel plants produce wastewater as a part of their industrial activity. Also, mining industries use treated wastewater to segregate compounds like coal from the rocks, dirt, and sand. Importantly, ClO2 oxidizes the floating particles in wastewater, reduces its turbidity, and makes it usable for the mining industry as a substitute for surface water.
  • Protect Environment: As mentioned earlier, industrial wastewater can cause several environmental hazards like affecting biotic life and impacting agricultural production. Also, industrial wastewater consisting of oil and harmful gases is not only harmful to the environment but also causes many diseases that affect human health. As ClO2 can remain active in water for more than 48 hours, it is widely used as a broad-spectrum microbiocide to treat wastewater. Importantly, it is a proven microbiocide to be used in potable water treatment. Unfortunately, most industries don’t pay much heed to treat wastewater and dispose it into water bodies affecting the health of humans as well as marine life. However, modern technologies and the use of chlorine dioxide can treat industrial wastewater and make it usable. 


Industrial wastewater treatment helps in removing pollutants from industrial discharge that affects the biological processes. Now that you know the importance of treating industrial wastewater using the compound chlorine dioxide, choose a company that provides the best solutions for wastewater treatment in Buena ParkGO2 International offers top-quality services at optimal rates.

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