What are the Industrial Uses of Chlorine Dioxide or ClO2?

29 Apr,2021 | Blog

Microorganisms have been coexisting with humans for eons. Their presence in the form of pathogens is the source of diseases. However, a chemical compound like Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) comes in handy to fight such microorganisms and sterilize areas like hard surfaces, potable water, cooling towers, irrigation lines, hatcheries, or pens for livestock, among others. It has emerged as the best disinfectant with great benefits compared to its closest cousin, Chlorine. GO2™ is the advanced delivery system for ClO2 and does not need the use of any special equipment. It is a two-step kit, which is simple to use as product packaging in Buena Park and for various other applications.

Various industry uses of ClO2

As an EPA approved powerful disinfecting agent, Chlorine dioxide or GO2™ has a wide application in industries as mentioned below:


ClO2 has great application in areas rearing livestock. As such areas can be a den of microbes, which if left untreated, can cause severe diseases in livestock chlorine dioxide comes across as a suitable sterilizing agent. It can be readily used for hard surface sanitation in calf pens, hatcheries, and swine pens. In dairy, the use of ClO2 can reduce the somatic cell count in milk and increase the intake of water in bovines – between 2 and 3 liters per day per cow without using any bovine growth hormones. Thus, chlorine dioxide can sterilize water in dairy and help to improve the quality and quantity of milk.


As a sanitizer, fungicide, and algaecide, chlorine dioxide is used extensively in agriculture. It can help to improve the quality of agriculture products such as citrus fruits, corn, spinach, tomatoes, and lettuce potatoes, among others by removing molds and other harmful microorganisms. This is done by washing the agricultural produce with ClO2 treated water. Interestingly, exposure to ClO2 treated water does not affect the odor and taste of the agricultural produce.


ClO2 can control a wide array of microbial contamination namely, bacteria, spores, viruses, protozoa, fungi, and molds, among others. Also, as opposed to using ultraviolet rays or ozone, its effect stays for a long time and prevents microbes from multiplying. GO2™ can oxidize several chemical contaminants such as amines, iron, sulfides, manganese, cyanides, mercaptans, and phenols. By oxidizing sulfides, GO2 prevents odor and the formation of rust. Its two-component delivery system acts as a powerful disinfectant for water and hard surfaces in many areas such as bottled water, food processing, medical, soft drinks, brewing, and animal health. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of chlorine dioxide as a powerful residual microbial cleaning solution for drinking water. It happens to meet all the requirements of a powerful alternative disinfectant to chlorine. For product packaging in Buena Park, GO2™comes in different package sizes for a broad range of volume packaging.

Public utilities

As an EPA-approved disinfectant, GO2 is also used as a slimicide, fungicide, sanitizer, algaecide, biocide, and deodorizer for public utilities. It is highly effective for water decontamination as it can kill 100% of water-borne microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses, algae, fungi, spores, mold, larval eggs, cysts, and sediment. The manufacture of GO2™ yields 95+% of a useful product having 100% biocidal impact. Besides, it does not have the drawbacks of conventional disinfectants such as chlorine. Also, since it does not react with ammonia and most nitrogen compounds, it is effective in lesser doses as well. It has the capability to destroy phenols, cyanides, and sulfides by oxidation and controls odor by oxidizing sulfides without forming any colloidal sulfur.


As a powerful disinfectant, chlorine dioxide possesses more power than chlorine (10:1). Its usage in product packaging in Buena Park and other industries as mentioned above makes it a powerful sterilizing agent to remove mold, biofilm, and other microorganisms.

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