Benefits of GO2

The key to the success of GO2TM in controlling microbial contamination of water systems is NOT that it can eradicate slime (sometimes called 'biofilm'). It's that it has a wide range of pathogens it can destroy including bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and molds, and that, as opposed to say UV or Ozone, has a residual effect. In addition GO2 is a powerful oxidizer of various chemical contaminants like iron, manganese, sulphides, amines and mercaptans, cyanides and phenols. GO2 will also oxidize sulphides and prevent smells and rust associated with these chemicals.

The unique GO2 two component concept delivers a powerful disinfectant for water systems and hard surfaces in a wide range of industries including food processing, medical, animal health, bottled water, soft drinks and brewing.


The World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality recommend chlorine dioxide as a persistent residual for continued microbial control. GO2 offers the perfect solution to microbial fouling, meeting all the requirements for an alternative to chlorine and delivering a wide range of benefits to users.

GO2 Advantages

The most important advantages of GO2 compared to chlorine and other disinfectants are:

  • Higher yield (up to 260% more oxidation output compared to chlorine)
  • 2.5 times the oxidizing capacity of chlorine
  • Unlike chlorine, GO2 does not react with ammonia, ammonium or most organic compounds
  • GO2 does not chlorinate organic materials. It produces no THM's (TriHaloMethane's) and HAA's (Haloacetic Acids) and other organic, carcinogenic, chlorophenal or estrogenic compounds
  • Effective removal of slimes
  • Steady bactericidal action within a broad pH bandwidth (4-10)
  • 100% kill of all water borne micro-organisms bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi, algae, mold, spores, cysts, larval eggs, sediment)
  • No build-up of resistance by micro-organisms due to eradicating the cell's RNA
  • No adverse effect on materials, filters, equipment, pumps, water pipes (metal or PVC) in use concentration
  • Higher efficiency in the removal of iron and magnesium compounds
  • Lightweight powder, safe, easy to use, store and transport
  • Long shelf life (5 years) of the unopened dry powder jars
  • Higher solubility; no other chemistries are formed in the water
  • No investment in expensive equipment required (simple dosing pump and automatic CLO2 sensor)
  • Reduced off-gassing, smell, taste compared to other oxidizing biocides

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