What is Paper and Pulp Processing? Look At the Advantages of GO2.

30 Nov,2018 | Blog

The Pulp is basically used to make paper out of it. Now, before knowing what is paper and pulp processing, one should know that there are other fibers also used in the process. Mostly, all paper pulp has a main ingredient of vegetable fiber. Paper is one of the most essential sources for communication as well as study. Global warming is a major concern nowadays and “100% green product GO2” plays a major role in the papermaking industry. One can contact here for 800-734-7326

There are Two Types of Pulps

Non-Wood Pulp: Noon wood pulp consists fiber which is also known as vegetable fiber. The grass, bamboo, etc are the materials to make the vegetable fiber. Here, in this type of noon wood pulp choice of quality fiber is essential, as some time due to lack of flexibility and shape one get weak yielded paper.

Wood Pulp: “More than 90 % papers we are using right now are basically from wood pulp.” The major wood of spruce as well as pine trees one can use.

There are Two Methods to Convert Pulp Into Paper

Easy Mechanical Method: Generally this method is used to manufacture lower quality paper like newspapers. Here, the steam of water is used to make paper from pulp.

Chemical Method: Here, they separate the wood fibers and make the paper high quality.

What to do After Getting Pulp?

After getting pulp and chemical or mechanical method, still we have a little brown color, so how to get the white paper? For a white paper the next process bleaching process. One can use GO2 chlorine dioxide and it is also used to control microbiological growth in the papermaking process. “EPA approved GO2.” You can take a look company https://www.go2intl.com who gets approval from EPA.

Advantages of GO2

GO2 is in the use of food grade paper, where one needs to fit in higher microbial standards. GO2 is known as the best product for the food grade paper process.

GO2 gives “100% biocide production.”

It helps in for an “environment-friendly production of paper.”

It is best for systems with pH, Ammonia, Slime problems while papermaking process

If you want to reduce the percentage of bacteria, then GO2 is the best thing. One can take more information from matt.go2intl@gmail.com

Slime problems can be present at the time of papermaking, but one can control slime agent with the help GO2.

One of the important characteristics of GO2 is it reacts immediately to the affected area and it also provides flexibility to the affected area.

GO2 is also non- corrosive to infrastructure as well as equipment.

“GO2 is non-reactive” which results in low dosage rates.

 It reduces the maintenance which happens due to paper break.

One can contact here for 800-734-7326 for a quote to use GO2 in their paper making process.

Why Choose Go2intl?

Go2 is 21st Century Chlorine Dioxide Technology.
Choosing GO2 International will definitely be your best choice as the company is the gold standard for water disinfection. Their products are EPA approved and provide an easy, safe alternative for the production of chlorine dioxide without unwanted by-products. Please feel free to reach out to receive GO2’s germicidal spectrum and application success for cooling tower systems.

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