What is a chemical dosing system in a cooling tower?

16 Jan,2019 | Blog

An efficient cooling tower is necessary to ensure an effective process and long equipment service life. Without a properly treated cooling water system, there are more risks for corrosion and harmful bacteria to be present. These bacteria can not only spread disease but can also reduce the reliability of overall plant operations. Chemical dosing systems help to purify and protect the cooling tower from corrosion and bacteria.

What is a chemical dosing system in a cooling tower?

Chemical dosage means delivery of a chemical substance into water, sludge or sewage. These chemical substances are used in the cooling tower to fight against bacteria such as Legionnaires bacteria. Therefore, to keep your operating system secure and productive, a proper chemical dosing system in cooling water is essential.

How do you maintain cooling towers?

Below is the recommendation to keep your cooling tower secure and clean

– Chemical dosage system which helps you to control bacteria and microorganisms
– Maintain water around 68*F or lower
– Once a month inspection of your cooling tower equipment
– Disinfect and clean your cooling water system regularly
– Disinfect the system any time they are out of service
– Have a record of dates and time of maintenance

What is the cooling tower water treatment with chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is one chemical formula which consists with one chlorine and two oxygen atoms. Chlorine dioxide is very useful in controlling microorganisms present in cooling towers. GO2 chlorine dioxide is the best alternative for chlorine due to its potency, requiring less application dosages to purify a cooling tower during treatment. An additional advantage when comparing against chlorine is GO2 chlorine dioxide is not pH sensitive, with the ability to operate in a wide pH range. Lastly, the product has a large germicidal spectrum and is not corrosive to infrastructure and equipment.


Chlorine dioxide has approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. Please feel free to reach out to us to receive more information on GO2’s effectiveness regarding cooling tower treatment applications.

Why Choose Go2intl?

We provide state of the art chlorine dioxide

Choosing GO2 International will definitely be your best choice as the company is the gold standard for water disinfection. Their products are EPA approved and provide an easy, safe alternative for the production of chlorine dioxide without unwanted by-products.

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