What Are the Benefits of Using Chlorine Dioxide in Food Processing?

28 Jan,2019 | Blog

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a green-yellowish gas with a potent capacity to protect against harmful bacteria. The biggest challenge to the food processing industry is to protect food items through sanitizers, and rotating sanitizers so microorganisms do not build a resistance. The U.S Food and Drug Administration and other European regulatory agencies approve the use of chlorine dioxide in the food processing industry. Look at the advantages of a chlorine dioxide over other sanitizers below.

10 Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide in Food Processing

1. Oxidizing Power

The chlorine dioxide has 10 times oxidizing power than bromine and chlorine. Due to its powerful oxidizing capacity makes it effective to fight against the bugs and bacteria which can be present in food facilities.

2. Wide Spectrum With Ph Level

If you are looking sanitizer which has a wide pH spectrum, chlorine dioxide is the best choice. Chlorine dioxide is not sensitive towards pH levels like bromine and chlorine.

3. Certified From Environment Agency

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, CIO2 is one of the best disinfectant, sanitizer, algaecide, fungicide, slimicide and deodorizer agents which can be used.

4. Maintain Food Products in Storage

The chlorine dioxide can prolong the life of food products, such as RACs

5. No Formation of Toxic by-products

CIO2 does not create toxic chlorinated by-products which is one of the important advantages over chlorine.

6. Help to Fight Against Biofilms

Chlorine dioxide is an effective tool for eradicating biofilms and can obstruct the formation of future biofilms. This function is helpful for the small cooling towers of food units where there are high chances of bacteria to impure the food through slimes and heavy films.

7. It is also used for odor control and is extremely effective through the product being a gas vapor.

8. Chlorine dioxide is non-corrosive to equipment, facilities, materials, and water distribution systems.

9. More Soluble
Chlorine dioxide dissolves in water rapidly and GO2 chlorine dioxide self-generates in water for easy application

10. Chlorine Dioxide Removes the Manganese as Well as Iron in Water


CIO2 is a rapid, affordable and potent source for food processing companies to protect the food from bacteria such as Legionella bacteria. Please call us to receive more information regarding food processing applications.

Why Choose Go2intl?

Go2 is 21st-century chlorine dioxide technology. East to Use. Self-generating. Simple to Apply.

Choosing GO2 International will definitely be your best choice as the company is the gold standard for water disinfection. Their products are EPA approved and provide an easy, safe alternative for the production of chlorine dioxide without unwanted by-products.

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