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27 Nov,2018 | Blog

Cooling water systems have become an integral part of the processes and for commercial air conditioning systems. An efficient working of the cooling tower can improve the performance of HVAC and can minimize the cost of operation and reduces production downtime. A water treatment system for cooling water can ensure the efficiency and safety of the overall cooling water system operations.

Why the Treatment of Cooling Water is Important?

It is important to maintain the cooling system in a very good condition free from bacterial and minimizing the chances of corrosion. This is because:

A Risk to the Human Being: Cooling Tower water is a very favorable environment for increasing the growth of microorganisms and generates bio-film which increases the risk to human through inhalation. The epidemics caused by “Legionnaires” disease were related to the pathogen dissemination which was directly related to cooling water quality.

Can Decrease the Performance and Damage the Materials: If the cooling tower water if left unchecked, the bacteria can grow out of proportion and will colonize the pipes and other wetted surfaces. These colonies will further produce thick biofilm which will reduce the heat transfer rate and even can prevent the working of corrosion prevention strategies.

Cooling Tower and Legionnaires Disease

The warm and hot water available in a cooling tower is an ideal breeding ground for harmful viruses like Legionella virus and slime. High incidence of occurrence of Legionnaires Disease has been found in the hot and cold water system of hotels, residential, hospitals, and commercial establishments. If left uncontrolled biofilm may support the growth of complex communities which may include multicellular organisms like the roundworms and rotifers.

How “Microbes Enter and Multiply”?

Microbes can enter and multiply in cooling Tower water in following ways:

Enters Through the Air: When air is pulled through in a cooling tower, the particulates in the air also come along. The cooling tower makes the scrubbing operation and this removed the particulate from the air and microbes find a place in the water for breeding. Even if the water in the cooling tower may look cleaner, it can easily contain high volumes of microbes.

Multiplies Rapidly: These microbes thrive easily in the cooling tower water and can multiply to produce up to a trillion bacteria per 1000 gallons of the water. To make an efficient operation of the cooling Tower system, it is essential to control the growth of bacteria, virus, and algae.

Arrest Microbe Formation

How Can the Microbiological Formation be Arrested?

1) The population of bacteria should be below 10^5 CFU/ml where CFU means colony forming units. Bacteria, viruses, and algae may not be harmful within a limited growth, but when it grows out of proportion, it can cause severe problems.

2) Chemical treatment programs that use “Biocides” can be very effective in controlling the growth of microbiological formation in cooling water tower.

3) “Biocides” are very superior chemicals and are used for eradication of the microorganisms from water very effectively. While choosing a micro biocide, several factors are important to be considered as the scientific differences and effectiveness.

4) Selection and application of correct biocide can help in the eradication of microorganisms and improve the performance of the cooling tower.

Why Choose Go2intl?

We provide State of the Art Chlorine Dioxide

Choosing GO2 International will definitely be your best choice as the company is the gold standard for water disinfection. Their products are EPA approved and provide an easy, safe alternative for the production of chlorine dioxide without unwanted by-products. Please feel free to reach out to receive GO2’s germicidal spectrum and application success for cooling tower systems.

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