Poultry Drinking Water Sanitation

08 Aug,2018 | Blog

People who take care of poultry barns need water treatment facility to maintain their poultry in a healthy and safe way.

Sanitized water leads to healthier poultry. Clean water leads to birds:

– Drinking more water
– Eating more
– Are less vulnerable to diseases

The water supplies are majorly infected with bacterial, fungal, viral or protozoal microbes, we have to overcome these challenges effectively keeping in mind the health of the birds and the investment made at the barn.

We need a stable and economic water treatment for poultry barns. There are two main types of water treatment in these facilities:

1) Chlorine Dioxide Method.
2) Hydrogen Peroxide

We will further discuss the Chlorine Dioxide method for poultry water supplies.

1) Chlorine Dioxide Method Benefits:

Chlorine dioxide method ultimately treats water by:

1) Removing slime from water
2) Destroying microorganisms within the water
3) Prevention of any new slime build up in the water
4) Reduction in the microbial population to a minimal level
5) The absence of any form of residue in the meat

Chlorine dioxide methods improve the quality of water that leads to:

1) Healthier and better performance in birds
2) Reduces overall cost
3) The significant increase in the profit for poultry growers
4) Better water taste
5) The lower level of bacterial contamination

– This method is the perfect replacement for harmful chlorine and chlorine-type disinfectants which affects poultry health.
– This particular method is easy and effective when applied in treating water.
– It is cost effective when compared to the traditional chemical treatments.

Usage of chlorine-dioxide results in:

1) Birds developing less disease and intestinal infections
2) Lower dosage of medicines is required to raise flocks.

2) Water requirements of poultry:

Water is the basic need for any poultry farm and should be given utmost importance. Water requirement at each poultry barn depends on the barn capacity & the type of poultry.

– Usually, half of the water intake in a poultry barn is obtained from the feed.

– It has been found that if the air temperatures exceed 30°C the water consumption can increase by 50% above the normal consumption rates.

– It is a medium in which nutrients are transported, body temperature maintained, and wastes are thrown out.

– The optimum pH of the water should range from 6.0 to 8.0.

By providing water treatment to your poultry, you can keep your birds safe from factors that can impact the growth and health of the birds.

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