GO2 can be used in many industry applications. Industries served:


Livestock Applications For GO2

Livestock Applications For GO2

Dairy-Drop hoses, hard surface sanitation, calf pens, drinking water, biofilm removal
hatcheries-drinking water, hard surface sanitation, biofilm removal Swine-disinfection of contaminated non-porous hard surfaces for livestock safety, drinking water hard surface sanitation, biofilm removal

Benefits of the solution

Hard surface and water sanitation provides great benefits in livestock applications, such as milk production and animal rearing. There are many possible areas of bacterial infection which includes water tanks, pipework and drinking troughs. The ultimate water treatment product should:
  • Remove & prevent buildup of slime/biofilm
  • Destroy microorganisms present in water lines
  • Reduce microbial populations to low levels
  • Not corrode infrastructure and equipment
  • Not adversely affect the drinking activity of livestock
GO2 can provide all of the above solutions in livestock water treatment. Although GO2 can eradicate slime/biofilm in water systems, the key to success in controlling microbial contamination in water systems is due to GO2 being able to oxidize a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, spores, molds, and algaes. Typical GO2 applications in the livestock industry include:
  • Drop hoses
  • Sprinkler pens
  • Barn washing
  • Calf hutches
  • Calf bottles
Please contact us for additional information regarding livestock solutions with GO2.

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