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20 Sep,2018 | Blog

Cooling towers play an important role in maintaining the smooth functioning of many heavy industries; any kind of disruption in the functioning of the cooling tower would lead to long-term facility issues. Corrosion, sludge, biological growth and chemical residue build up in the cooling tank and tend to disrupt the functioning of the cooling tower. There are numerous cooling tower water treatment techniques available in the market that help in keeping cooling tower’s functions intact.
Chlorine, chlorine dioxide, UV-light, hypochlorite, sulfur and ozone compounds are commonly used to eliminate microorganisms. Chlorine is a vital part of the cooling water tower treatment regime; it is used as a biocide against the biological fouling in the cooling tower. While it is a popular component in most cooling tower water treatments these days, it is not much effective against hard to eradicate microorganisms. Moreover, it is very hazardous to deal with, is corrosive and toxic in nature and harmful to the environment.

What is GO2 TM Cooling Tower Treatments?

GO2TM is a better and ideal disinfectant for eliminating microorganisms and slime that breed in warm water environment of the cooling tower. The growth of slime in cooling tower decreases the thermal efficiency of cooling towers and requires higher energy power to function properly, which leads to an increase in the cost of production and results in the need of frequent maintenance.
As per a test conducted at a hospital in the US, under the leadership of a Legionnaires Disease specialist, GO2 is proven highly effective against Legionnaires Disease. Various studies have been conducted in hospitals, residences, commercial hubs and hotels in the US, which have demonstrated chlorine dioxide effective against eradicating legionnaires Disease.

How does GO2 Work?

GO2 is quite simple to use; two powder components need to be added to a specified amount of tap water. The product self-generates and produces a pure 4,000 ppm of chlorine dioxide concentrate. Approximately 30-45 minutes is required for the mixing reaction to complete, which can even extend up to 3 hours, on the basis of the water temperature. GO2 is a highly effective, EPA approved disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, algaecide, slimicide, biocide and deodorizer, which is effective against Legionnaires Disease. In the powder form, GO2 has a shelf life of 5 years and in liquid form, 30-60 days in the concentrated solution.

What are the Benefits of GO2?

GO2 is a reliable cooling tower water treatment technique that is effective against biological fouling, slime and organoleptic problems and expands the lifespan of the plant in an eco-friendlier manner.

–  It is safe to be used by humans

–  It is easy to store, generate and dose in numerous applications

–  It does not produce any harmful disinfection by-products

–  It is effective against organoleptic problems

–  It removes slime and airborne bacteria

–  It helps to restore the thermal efficiency of the cooling tower

–  It helps to reduce energy consumption

–  It is cost effective

–  It is non-corrosive in nature

–  It can help to enhance the productivity of plant

–  Continuous treatments with GO2 maintain cooling tower efficiency

–  At normal temperature, it is effective in a pH range between 4 and 11

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