What is the Water Effect on Livestock Performance?

20 May,2019 | Blog

Water has a broad impact on the livestock industry, as it is one of the sources of vitamins, minerals, and digestion. Apart from food, it is essential to feed clean and pure water to maintain the health of livestock. The quality of water and nutrients is essential for the robust growth of livestock. If the water is exhibiting a significant amount of bacteria, sulfate, iron, and other solid components it can affect the health of livestock in the long-term. To remove these components, the sanitization of water is necessary.

There are various disinfectants available in the market like chlorine, bromine, and chlorine dioxide. These disinfectants are soluble in water remove the harmful bacteria, however, the speed of removing bacteria is different for distinct disinfectants.

Effect of Sanitized Water on Livestock Performance

It Increases the Weight of Livestock.

The weight of livestock is essential; hence it is necessary to look out for one of the main factors affecting the weight of livestock, which is water. Pure water with a good amount of nutrients helps the livestock to grow faster, and it encourages them to drink more. The more water they consume results in an increase in weight.

It Can Reduce the Expense of Medical Treatment.

Microorganisms can become common when animals drink water direct from an untreated reservoir. In an untreated reservoir, there can exist a significant amount of bacteria, algae, and slime. Poor water quality can impact the overall medical expenses of the livestock through negative side effects associated with contaminated drinking water.

It Protects the Livestock from the Disease.

Pure water is a key factor to protect livestock from various diseases from bacteria. Impure water can be the main reason for a disease like E coil or giardia cryptosporidium which can result in death in some cases. As per studies, bacteria in water can cause more death of livestock than many other diseases. The consumption of purified water can protect livestock from future health troubles.

It Increases the Water Drinking

The vital purpose of pristine water is that livestock can drink sufficiently. The bacteria like iron and magnesium make the taste of water very odd as well as unhealthy. The odd taste of water discourages the livestock to consume the water which results in weakness and sudden weight loss as earlier mentioned.


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Water with high amounts of bacteria can result in poor weight management, low milk production, and other health issues with animals. Hence, constantly monitor the water and select a disinfectant which is potent, efficient and leaves less to no byproduct after purifying water. Please reach out to us to ask how GO2 chlorine dioxide can provide water disinfection solutions for your application.

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