Areas You Can Use Chlorine Dioxide

31 May,2018 | Blog

What are common uses for chlorine dioxide? We have enlisted all the areas in which chlorine dioxide can be used, including benefits for each application:

At Home

Chlorine Dioxide in Your Home

Using chlorine dioxide at home helps to disinfect and removes odours from your bedroom. Chlorine dioxide can also be used to remove mold and mildew from the kitchen and bathroom. One can just spray and clean. No rinsing is required.

In Your Real Estate

Chlorine Dioxide in Real Estate

Real estate property can utilize smoke, mold and odor remediation with chlorine dioxide. The chemical helps to sanitize the airspace quickly and effectively. They make the area smell fresh and free of germs.

In Hotels

Chlorine Dioxide in Hostels

Hotels require regular cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing. Thus, the maintainers make use of chlorine dioxide to get rid of the dust and dirt, any sort of pungent odour from spills or waste products.

For Commercial Kitchens

Chlorine Dioxide in Commercial Kitchens

Hotels and restaurants have big kitchens for food preparation. This environment allows for the harbouring of bacteria and moulds. However, if chlorine dioxide is used to sanitize and disinfect, the growth can be prevented.

In Apartment Buildings

Chlorine Dioxide in Apartment Buildings

Apartments often have smelly hallway carpets, stronger cooking odours and poorly kept domiciles. Thus, removing odours from the area seems to be tough. But using chlorine dioxide one can easily sanitize and deodorize the area.

In Hydroponics

Chlorine Dioxide in Hydroponics

Chlorine dioxide uses can also be extended to the field of hydroponics. It removes the pathogens without forming any hazardous by-products. If you are looking for safer to get rid of the biofilm from the drip lines then using ClO2 is an ideal solution.

In Barns

Chlorine Dioxide in Barns

The barns can be a source of pathogen growth for livestock kept nearby. If chlorine dioxide is used it will reduce bacteria and other pathogens from the stalls. Thus, the livestock there will have a cleaner environment.

In Veterinary Offices and Kennels

Chlorine Dioxide In Veterinary offices and Kennels

These areas require constant maintenance for pet odors and waste. Chlorine dioxide is an effective disinfectant to ensure pets will have a clean area during their stay.

For Recreational Vehicles & Camping Equipment and Boats & Cottages

Chlorine Dioxide for Recreational Vehicles & Camping Equipment and Boats & Cottages

When Recreational Vehicles and Camping Equipment, boats and cottages are not used, especially during the winters they become breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. Cleaning them with chlorine dioxide will remove any moulds, fungi, pathogen and odours.

In Sports Equipment & Locker Rooms

Chlorine Dioxide in Sports Equipment & Locker Rooms

Sports Equipment develops odour from the users sweat, environmental humidity and dirt. Washing them with chlorine dioxide helps to sanitize the surfaces in changing rooms at gyms and sports facilities.

In Medical & Geriatric Facilities

Chlorine Dioxide in Medical & Geriatric Facilities

The spread of pathogens is common in medical and geriatric facilities. So, good cleaning solutions are required for the areas. Chlorine dioxide has been proven effective at preventing Legionella and slime in facility water systems. Chlorine dioxide can also be used to disinfect hard surfaces and examination rooms to eradicate odour or pathogens.

Why Choose GO2 International?

Why choose GO2 International

Choosing GO2 International will definitely be your best choice as the company “is the gold standard for water disinfection.” Their products are EPA approved, and provide an easy, safe alternative for production of chlorine dioxide without unwanted by-products.

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